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PAL Mentoring Program

ACT - CIRCLEThe ACT Peer Advisory Leaders (or PALs) is a mentoring program intended to encourage members who are either new to ACT or new to the TDM industry and help them develop the skills and knowledge to become leaders in their own jobs, in the TDM industry, and within ACT. The year-long program, from annual conference to annual conference, will match 20 mentors with 20 mentees, with priority given to the most recent Leadership Academy class. It will be up to each pair to determine how they want to work together, but the PALs committee will offer support in a range of ways, including articles, webinars, social media, scheduled check-ins, and more. The mentors will ideally have prior ACT leadership experience and can help guide mentees through the Association at large, their regional chapter, TDM in general, and overall professional development.

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