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ACT National Work Plan

  1. Create a Community of TDM Professionals

    • Strengthen chapters as a natural convener of ACT members in a geographic area and a stepping block in the development of new leaders within the organization.
    • Grow ACT’s membership while increasing representation of major economic sectors and industry driver.
    • Elevate the role and increase the number of ACT’s council’s to serve as a driving force of ACT’s mission and serve as a natural convener of members within specific interest areas.
  1. Become a Center for Learning & Professional Development

    • Raise the profile of TDM as a profession and career by developing an accreditation program for TDM professionals.
    • Support the holistic growth of members through expanded professional development programming
    • Expand ACT’s webinars into a meaningful educational series that increases member value and promotes ACT membership.
    • Host successful conferences, summits, and forums that increase the value of ACT membership
  1. Establish ACT as an originator of research and compiler/distributer of information

    • Raise the visibility of ACT as the go to organization for commuting information and opinions by public officials, researchers, and media.
    • Increase the public’s understanding of the importance of TDM and its beneficial impacts
  1. Advance TDM Policy and Support Member Advocacy

    • Establish a multi-year policy platform with focus on advancing TDM on Federal & local level.
    • Educate public officials on the benefits of implementing and supporting TDM strategies and policies.
    • Increase member capacity to be successful advocates for ACT’s policy agenda.
  1. Develop a vibrant and growing organization

    • Re-establish a 501c3 organization
    • Increase revenues from membership, registration, and sponsorship
    • Continue and enhance external communications
    • Manage organizational tasks related to finances, board management, and compliance